Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It was then I knew that success, not greatness, was the only god the entire world served.

Quote from Elizabethtown--my new favorite movie


Melanie-Pearl said...

some really "revered" Christian once told me that her husband (also "revered") did a word study on "success" in the Bible and it was never used in a positive light.

guess when she chose to bring that up? right after i'd shared about how much i love my job and the licenses i'd just earned.

didn't go over well with me. don't choose to spend lots of time with her anymore.

anyhow, i suppose success is like anything...balancing the right amount of it, the right reasons behind it are probably crucial.

Anonymous said...


I always thought we all served the god of fear--like everything we do stems from being afraid of something, i.e., we are successful because we are afraid of failure. Does that make sense?


I am working on your e-mail. Also, that chick's harsh... Semantics aside, you deserved nothing less than an emphatic high-five for your accomplishments.