Saturday, February 24, 2007

Updates on life

What I'm giving up for lent--feeling guilty. It is still creeping back in and I am trying to nip it in the bud. Decided that food wasn't the thing for me to give up due to underlying reasons, so I'm reading The Purpose Driven Life again. Also will be journaling. I found the Purpose Driven Life leather journal at a garage sale last year for $1, and decided I will use that also. So far I have done it for three days...only 37 more to go.

My mom--Next week is her last week of chemo/radiation for this round. My two sisters and brother-in-law are taking turns staying with her, since they feel she shouldn't be left alone. She has bad mouth sores, and they have cut out one of the chemo drugs this last week. After this week, she has four weeks of rest. With me being three states away, it's easy for the guilt to creep up of me not being there.


Melanie-Pearl said...

kim- this is lame, but its 11:30pm and i can't call you. i guess i only have your email on my work computer.

i think i'm going to skip the brunch tomorrow. i feel like i need a day at home without anything on the schedule. sorry i changed my mind. call me if you need directions. thanks, mel

Anonymous said...


Guilt is such a bad thing to be eaten up with, isn't it? It's one of the least productive of all emotions because it just stagnates you. It's also one that consumes me, so I feel your pain.

I often wonder how different of a person I would have been if I'd never felt unnecessary guilt. It's religious-based guilt mostly. I've felt too bad to really live at times. I am still struggling, but I have been able to let some things go.

Good luck in letting go of your guilt.


Michele T said...

Sorry I wasn't very encouraging when we were talking about the purpose driven life--just because i was too lazy to continue with it. I think it's great and I pray that you will benefit spiritually.

Darla said...

kim... love that you're journaling. i pray that through this time, God will help you to "give up" guilt.

also, thanks for the update on your mom... praying for her still.