Friday, April 25, 2008

Bartering and class project

Got these beautiful glass blocks from Aunt Janice in exchange for some pottery (the large ivy vase to be exact)! Decided to put one by my front door and one in the front bedding area. They are painted with enamel. At first I was afraid to put them outside like they were intended, but will watch and see if the one in the sun fades.

This pot was done sometime ago, and I got the grasshopper on my weekend jaunt to Lawrence.

Finally finished the class project! Will have to admit I had help with the handle and shaping of the pitcher and spout, but did the rest mostly by myself. Had to throw three separate pieces and put them together to get it this high. Would like to try another one when I get some other projects finished. A couple of the guys in my class were competing with me as to who could make a higher pitcher. I tied with Andrew at 16 inches after firing (I didn't even know I was competing when I started it!)

Am excited that I will be involved in a raku firing next month!

Our scheduled sessions will be coming to an end, so that means that the firings will be sporadic and I won't get things back in a timely manner until June.

Happy belated Earth Day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Never too old

Saw this video on Rustin Smith's blog and had to post it, too.

a link to the story of "Young at Heart" from the Today Show.

If you have time, check out their cover of "Road to Nowhere" on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another video from Simon Leach

Here's another video called "Potting on the Wild Side" from Simon. He made me his friend on facebook!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Excerpt about humility

Jesus says, "Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart" (Matthew 11:29). These beautiful words are a portrait of the heart of Christ. So we respond, "Jesus, gentle and humble in heart, make my heart like yours." Now we are really in for it! We have just opened Pandora's box. Why? Because we don't learn humility by reading about it in spiritual books or listening to its praises in sermons. We learn humility directly from the Lord Jesus in whatever way he wishes to teach us. Most often we learn humility through humiliations.

What is humility? It is the stark realization and acceptance of the fact that I am totally dependent upon God's love and mercy. It grows through a stripping away of all self-sufficiency. Humility is not caught by repeating pious phrases; it is accomplished by the hand of God. It is Job on the dunghill all over again as God reminds us that he is our only true hope.

--Brennan Manning from "The Signature of Jesus"

The redbuds are coming! The redbuds are coming!

Spent some time in the yard yesterday morning on my day off and cut down the dreaded giant clump of Maidenhair grass. Yes, I have heard all of the tips about the best way to do it such as taping it together, using a chainsaw, etc. As I do not have a chainsaw or hedgetrimmer, I used my lawn clippers. Also plan to use it for mulch and/or put in my compost bin, so I cut it in smaller lengths. It's a messy job, but at least I remembered to wear long sleeves this year and my arms aren't torn up.

Speaking of my compost bin, am happy to report that my little red worms have made it through the winter and will eat my vegetable/fruit scraps and coffeegrounds and turn them into compost. My bin sits in the shade, so it doesn't work like a normal compost pile and get hot. Don't know where else to put it in my yard where it's sunny and inconspicuous, so I let my red worms live in there. Yes, they are the same type of worms used in the book Worms Eat My Garbage. Don't worry, they don't like their picture taken, so I won't post a picture. I still think our pastor ought to write a sermon about compost.

As you can see, the redbuds are about ready to bloom, and I am enjoying everyone else's Bradford Pear trees. Spring--It's the most wonderful time of the year (except for the allergy/pollen count thing)!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ivy vases - before glaze and after glaze

Bathtime and more with my great-nephew

Here are highlights from my 5-day trip and meeting my great-nephew! Luckily it wasn't snowing. The sisters and I stayed in a hotel one night and swam, but of course I didn't take pictures then. I'm one of the shadows in one of the pictures...since it's my blog, I'm deciding not to post any pictures of me. Stayed at least one night at each farm, but no one made me do any chores (thank you).

Hopefully you can view this video. I like how big brother had to get his hands in there and help, but he sure didn't want to take a bath when it was his turn! He would rather have a ride on the tractor or the guck (truck) any day!

BTW, has anyone been to the Minneapolis airport lately? I think it's funny how the announcement of "caution, you are reaching the end of a moving walkway" is spoken by a lady with an Australian or British accent. Sure doesn't sound like she's from Minnesota. Ya, you betcha!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Will post later

Yes, I'm still alive. Happy April! Hope to post pictures soon of my mini-trip and think I have a couple vases to pick up tonight at pottery that should be out of the kiln. Sure hope the glaze turned out okay on them.

Here's a picture of the Missouri River until then.