Sunday, March 04, 2012

Where I'm at

I started this blog to share things about life and my creative endeavors, reminding myself that I have a unique perspective of the way I view the world.   I feel it's also a way to "put myself out there in the world" even though I'm not a talented artist.  I feel a need to create, be it arts or crafts.

Before becoming a mother, I had a lot of time to dedicate myself to pottery.  I have been able to throw in the past 11 months, but never know when I can come back so have to make things in one sitting.  Sometimes I can't get back to the studio for a month.  My mind also feels so full of other things that it's hard to focus on what I want to accomplish.  I love touching the clay.  I love the feel of it running through my fingers while the wheel is spinning.  Heck, I even see wedging as a form of meditation and centering.  But lately I have left the studio feeling disappointed.  The voice inside my head asks me "Does the world really need another crappy piece of pottery from me?" or "I've been throwing for five years and this is the best I can do?".  I know I won't quit.  I'm just in a rut.  I have no great ideas and not enough time to try different techniques.   My mind is on overload.  Didn't I used to call this my "circular therapy" before?

 Last Sunday I got the chance to go on a little photo walk by myself.  It was nice change of pace to be able to take pictures of things that didn't stay still unless they were asleep.  Sure, the pictures won't win any contests, but this is my view of the world at one moment in time.  It's amazing to think if someone else took these pictures, they wouldn't come out exactly the same.  That's the reason I'm going to hit the publish button instead of the delete button.