Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out of the kiln

Here are a couple of squared mugs. --an altered triangular-shaped bottle. This is the color of the SB red clay when it is high-fired with no glaze on it, much deeper than when it is low-fired.

--a couple of triangulated cups. --a salt pig and salt kitty, as the ears make it look more like a cat. The tail fell off three times and wasn't balanced very well with one, so I decided not to try to attach it again.
The main technique about doing the salt pigs is learning how to throw closed forms and have the walls be even. Then I cut a circle in them and had the appendages.

The 70-300mm telephoto IS lens I ordered from a local camera store finally came in, and that is how I got a picture of the ducks. It's amazing to be able to take pictures of people across the river, etc. Anyone want to go on a stakeout with me? I'm ready.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Song-inspired bowl and bottle vases

A few weeks ago, I woke up longing for the sun. We had a run of cloudy days, and I was feeling a little down mentally and spiritually. Then this song popped into my head..."Light of the world, shine on me. Love is the answer."

These bottle vases are my first attempt at using iron oxides to decorate. As iron oxides are toxic and gloves need to be worn when using them, guess I've been to chicken to use them before now.

BTW, those are supposed to be the Andes Mountains and llamas. You might be seeing a lot more llamas in the near future, as for some reason they make me happy.

What did I work on yesterday? A salt pig and one that turned out to be a salt kitty.

What happened when I voted... the zoo.