Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out of the kiln

Here are a couple of squared mugs. --an altered triangular-shaped bottle. This is the color of the SB red clay when it is high-fired with no glaze on it, much deeper than when it is low-fired.

--a couple of triangulated cups. --a salt pig and salt kitty, as the ears make it look more like a cat. The tail fell off three times and wasn't balanced very well with one, so I decided not to try to attach it again.
The main technique about doing the salt pigs is learning how to throw closed forms and have the walls be even. Then I cut a circle in them and had the appendages.

The 70-300mm telephoto IS lens I ordered from a local camera store finally came in, and that is how I got a picture of the ducks. It's amazing to be able to take pictures of people across the river, etc. Anyone want to go on a stakeout with me? I'm ready.

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Jason R said...

Uh oh. The neighbors better close their blinds.