Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decisions in the digital photography world, etc.

Oh the advantages of living during the age of digital photography!!! I can take 100 pictures of something if my memory card will hold it! One of them might be good, maybe? Yes, I love this hobby! But there's one part to it I'm not enjoying so much--going through all those pictures and deciding which are "keepers" and which aren't...Could I maybe crop that or is it too light or too dark?

Which picture would you choose out of these first two?

The butterfly pictures are from almost a couple of weeks ago, my last crop of monarchs.

This vase-- which I'm not very fond of--was on the shelf all during break and I didn't even realize it was mine until now.

This is a second try at my footed bowls for last session. It pretty much reminds me of something Marvin the Martian would use because the feet look like they should be on a rocket. I like it! There will be one more similiar bowl coming out of the kiln this weekened.