Friday, April 25, 2008

Bartering and class project

Got these beautiful glass blocks from Aunt Janice in exchange for some pottery (the large ivy vase to be exact)! Decided to put one by my front door and one in the front bedding area. They are painted with enamel. At first I was afraid to put them outside like they were intended, but will watch and see if the one in the sun fades.

This pot was done sometime ago, and I got the grasshopper on my weekend jaunt to Lawrence.

Finally finished the class project! Will have to admit I had help with the handle and shaping of the pitcher and spout, but did the rest mostly by myself. Had to throw three separate pieces and put them together to get it this high. Would like to try another one when I get some other projects finished. A couple of the guys in my class were competing with me as to who could make a higher pitcher. I tied with Andrew at 16 inches after firing (I didn't even know I was competing when I started it!)

Am excited that I will be involved in a raku firing next month!

Our scheduled sessions will be coming to an end, so that means that the firings will be sporadic and I won't get things back in a timely manner until June.

Happy belated Earth Day!


Anonymous said...

kim---the vase is beautiful. i also like the grasshopper on the table. didn't we have fun? we will have to do it again next year. so, do not forget! i wonder what i could make that i could barter with aunt janice?

chill24 said...

oh wow. the glass blocks are really cool but i have to say...the pitcher takes the cake. i love it! the color and the ivy make it so perfect!
and, congratulations on tying for first in the height competition :)

Anonymous said...

As far as the bartering goes, I got the best part of the deal!
Aunt Janice

Melanie-Pearl said...

WOW! Love the pitcher!!!

Brett Elizabeth Spore said...

I love what you do. Keep it up!