Friday, April 11, 2008

Bathtime and more with my great-nephew

Here are highlights from my 5-day trip and meeting my great-nephew! Luckily it wasn't snowing. The sisters and I stayed in a hotel one night and swam, but of course I didn't take pictures then. I'm one of the shadows in one of the pictures...since it's my blog, I'm deciding not to post any pictures of me. Stayed at least one night at each farm, but no one made me do any chores (thank you).

Hopefully you can view this video. I like how big brother had to get his hands in there and help, but he sure didn't want to take a bath when it was his turn! He would rather have a ride on the tractor or the guck (truck) any day!

BTW, has anyone been to the Minneapolis airport lately? I think it's funny how the announcement of "caution, you are reaching the end of a moving walkway" is spoken by a lady with an Australian or British accent. Sure doesn't sound like she's from Minnesota. Ya, you betcha!

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Melanie-Pearl said...

ohmigosh, the baby is that big already? how sweet! love big bros arms and fingers in there. cute!

we flew through mn on the way to china (yeah, i know...on the way?) and i noticed the exact same thing! i think those minnesotans should own their accent and give the recording some local flair.

that's the airport we ended up pushing john through. jerry got a skycab and Cody and I walked it with john in the wheelchair while john barfed in the baggie. we were looking with envy at those who were able to take the moving sidewalks. to top it off, Jerry had the skycab honk at us as he breezed by all comfy and stuff.

nice airport, though.