Monday, February 05, 2007

Keeper of the Plains

On my way back from going a family meeting for my husband's guard unit in which I was the only one that showed up, I finally stopped and checked out something I have been driving by about twice a week, everytime saying "one of these days I'll go look at that". For you out-of-towners, I should say that they moved 44-foot statue by Blackbear Bosin for the proposed "Riverwalk" they are in the process of building. I am glad I looked at it, because from views from the roads around it, it looked like they morphed it by some weird arrow sculptures which I thought was disrespectful. I was happy to see that they are bridges. The stones around the sculpture to me look pretty fake, but it's still under construction so I hope it looks better when they finish in 20--? (Can you tell I don't read the paper that much?)

Did happen to meet a gentleman named Gary who was out trying to capture a picture of a bald eagle. He saw one earlier in the day. We don't usually have them here; they think it's because of the cold. He was kind enough to give me tips and even let me shoot his DSLR Nikon camera! Cool!


Hannita said...

I love the Keeper of the Plains. I miss him.

Minty said...


Very cool photos as always! Hope all is well.


Candace said...

I LOVE the shot looking down at the bulbs! It's my favorite. Great eye!