Thursday, February 01, 2007

Funky crenulated pot

This was fun. I knew it was off-center and so just did "whatever" to it and used low-fire glaze. When I brought it home, my husband reminded me it was crenulated (one of the new words I learned in December--see here).

Speaking of words, here are some words rarely used in my vocabulary:


You may use them in a sentence in the comment section for fun if you'd like. The first two are courtesy of Paul Hill. The last two are courtesy of Year of Wonders, the book I'm reading that takes place in 1666.


carahinojosa said...

I am loving your creations. I think they are very cool.

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day in about a fortnight...

Ty said...

Do you have your own wheel?

Kim from Kansas said...


Candace said...


I love your pottery! If you would ever be willing to part with any of your pieces I would love to have one!