Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 25th!!!

Happy Anniversary Jackie and Mark!

If I was to post a picture, any picture, it would be your wedding picture where Mark has the red handkerchief with his tux or the one with his nose-warmer on that you (Jackie) crocheted for him..but I only have my box of pictures that Mom gave me of me or the ones that I took.

Thanks for all those nights you let me sleep over and feeding me and not making me milk the cows for my supper.

You will be getting something in the mail, but in honor of the presidents it will be a day later (no mail delivery). It will also be another day later because I was thinking your anniversary was on Wednesday instead of Tuesday...

Oh, and I'm so impressed that you figured out how to leave comments on my blog!!!


Minty said...

I love those old photos... I have one I'll have to send to you when I grow a brain and learn to scan.

jackie, the middle sister said...

Thanks for the recognitionand unique card. We really show our age after all those years. jackie