Thursday, March 01, 2007

What drives your life?

This post was brought on by the comments of the last post. Thanks for your comments. When I heard the quote from Elizabethtown, I knew I had to write it down. There are other cool one-liners in the movie, too.

According to "The Purpose Driven Life", the five most common drives are:

-resentment and anger
-need for approval

What do I want to be the driving force in my life? Love and justice.

On a lighter note, here's another quote from Elizabethtown--"I'm hard to forget, but difficult to remember." "This loss will be surrounded by a hurricane of love."

EDIT--I added the above picture. This is my Kansas Mom on her way to church on Wednesday night. I had my camera out to take pictures of the clouds, and saw her driving by. Hi Mom...I didn't honk because I was too busy clicking...


Anonymous said...


Put me down for guilt and fear.


P.S. I don't really know what I want to drive my life... I don't know that I believe in love or justice.

Melanie-Pearl said...

thankfully i have you to show me what amazing things i am missing when my nose is stuck in a book.

i can tell you must have been in the car by the extension center...but you have to be driving and snapping b/c you are so close to the westbound lane...hmmm. naughty-naughty. where was mushy?

Darla said...

i would have to say the need for approval... although i think (pray) that God is helping me to have a complete metanoia in that area... it really is quite a burden... i don't want to carry it any more...

also.... SLUG BUG!!!! very cool bug. i want one SOOOOOO very bad. there is a really great older one for sale at some used car place here in town - bright orange with a black top (convertible). it is SWEET.... but not very practical with three kids, right??

and the clouds are beautiful, aren't they? great picture.... thanks kim...