Sunday, December 31, 2006

Vietnam POW quotes

"Hate does the hater more harm than the one who is hated. I consider myself one of the lucky of the unlucky. I"m a better person for it."

Just saw a program on the Veitnam POWs...Wow!


Candace said...

I am reading "Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott right now and in it there is a great illustration of the quote you posted! She had developed an "enemy" relationship with another mom from her son's school. Her hatred had a tight grip on her until...

"The veil dropped. I got that I am as mad as a hatter, I saw that I was the one who worried that my child wasn't doing well enough in school. That I was the one who thought I was out of shape. And that I was trying to get her to carry all this for me because it hurt too much to carry it myself.

I wanted to kiss her on both cheeks, apologize for all the self-contempt I'd been spewing out into the world, all the bad juju I'd been putting on her by thinking she was the one doing harm."

I think forgiveness is amazing. I think we will never fully understand it and I think that is why we get so many opportunities to try.

Darla said...

yes, anne lamott!!! she is such an amazing writer... so REAL!!! so funny.... you laugh, you cry... sometimes your jaw is on the floor because you can't believe she just said what she said!! i found A LOT of freedom in this book for me personally... freedom that we can love Christ with all our heart, but still be a little quirky and weird and not "in the box" Christian. highly recommend this book, as well as operating instructions, which is a journal of her son's first year of life. i read that one in a day... couldn't put it down!!!