Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Another reason I'm thankful to work at home---an email reminding in-house staff to keep snacks in air-tight containers and empty the trash cans at their desks if they through food away... "If you see a mouse, please get a sticky trap off the refigerator in the breakroom and put it out." I would hate to come in one day and find a caught mouse!!!


Hannita said...

ugh. during the mouse crises of late the landlord put out sticky traps and it is sad to see a mouse just stuck there.

Kim from Kansas said...

Sorry about that, Hannita!

Speaking of dead animals, just found another dead possum in my backyard. I said another because last spring I found a fresh one. This one's flat and has been there a long time and was underneath the leaves.

Why do I never see live possums? What's up with that? They must be nocturnal.

Kim from Kansas said...

Okay, I just looked possum up. It's called an opossum and they only have a life expectancy of one to two years. Just FYI for anyone who is interested.