Thursday, December 28, 2006

Speaking of Mom

Regarding my mom and her pancreas, my mom has an appointment in Minneapolis on January 4th with a gastroenterologist. It was the earliest they could get her in. We're not really sure what will happen.

So the plan is that I will meet her in Minneapolis and then we will go to Fargo for my nephew's wedding on January 6th (which I was planning on going to anyways).

I normally wouldn't post that I will not be home just in case someone I don't want to know is reading this, but my husband will be home and knows how to use a weapon and scored great on the "Zombie Survival Quiz" in case anyone wanted to break in my house. My previous "Stupid, not stupid" post will explain that.

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Darla said...

still praying for your mom and you, kim... shalom for you both....