Friday, December 21, 2007

So you think you know carols?

Have you seen the So you think you know carols quiz from the Chicago Tribune yet? Aunt Janice sent me the link, and thought it was so good I would post it. It does take a little bit of time, as there are 25 questions.

I posted a picture above from their "Tacky Sweaters" gallery and will admit that I used to own one of them. It's okay if you still have one, especially if you're a school teacher. Are they implying that all Christmas sweaters are tacky?

And here's a weird Christmas video for you:

Had to look this guy up after reading this review on the Amazon blog for worst Christmas albums ever:

This year’s clear winner for me. Upon first listening to this album I was literally stunned.At once festive and intensely creepy, Dan Foley wordlessly interprets Christmas favorites as you might imagine them performed by a sleeping guy, a troll living under your bed, a serial killer, your computer or your drunk uncle after he’s already half passed out. Christmas has never been weirder. Ever.

And for a random challenge, try to say "specificity" really fast five times in a row. Can you do it?


carahinojosa said...

I'm very proud to say that I made a 100% on the Christmas Carols quiz! I guess all those years in choir were good for something.

Anonymous said...

I got 88% correct (missed 3) and had to pull some of those answers out of my "backside".

I'll check out the weird video when I can get to a computer with sound!


Karmen Lewis said...

The Christmas sweater picture makes me laugh! My niece is a college junior and she and her friends just had an 'ugly Christmas sweater party.' I used to own a few choice holiday sweaters...(ahem!)...although, I was a teacher.

Jason R said...

That Dan Foley video was really creepy. Maybe since I don't speak French I wasn't able to be in on the joke.