Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookie post #2

Made brown sugar cookies and went to a cookie decorating party at church last night (pictures to come on next post). Also dipped some pretzel twists in almond bark. This is my favorite thing to do...wonder if my husband's family is sick of them yet since I make them every year. Sometimes I drizzle white almond bark on them. Also made some zebra cookies which are my favorite to eat! Just a little bit of cinnamon enhances the chocolate flavor.

p.s. Did you happen to notice the sugar cookie in the shape of a certain dog with white frosting and the chocolate chip brown eye? It's supposed to represent my dog.


Karmen Lewis said...

You a are a cookie making machine.

chill24 said...

making me hungry sister friend.
thank your hubby for the mre's - the recital kids thought they were (are) so cool!

Anonymous said...

No, we are not sick of them.
Aunt Jan