Friday, December 07, 2007

My petite peeve

Does anyone else think "cholesterol free" is a silly label on this package of dried fruit? Are they doing this for the intellectually challenged out there? Isn't fruit naturally cholesterol free to begin with?

"Oh my gosh, I almost picked up the dried fruit package with the 'delicious lard added' label on it but then noticed this brand."


Anonymous said...

WOW... I'm your husband and I sometimes forget that you've got that biting sarcasm lying just beneath the surface!


Kim from Kansas said...

Have been trying to hide my sarcasm on this blog, but sometimes it screams at me to get out.

Karmen Lewis said...

You are funny, funny, funny!

chill24 said...

sarcasm from little 'ole kim? what is this world coming to?

Anonymous said...

Avocados are the exception.
Aunt Jan

Kim from Kansas said...

Okay, Aunt Janice...Maybe dried avocados or olives..If they're really fruit.

Anonymous said...

You and 'Husband' are full of surprises. I've always giggled when the sugariest products have FAT FREE labels on them.
"Wow, this must be healthy then."

-Jason R
(afraid to login at this particular computer)