Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yesterday, my husband said there was a bird trapped in a wall in his office. He just sent this to me today...

Dateline: *****, Kansas

At approximately 10:30 hours this morning, a small, grey bird was rescued from within the inner wall of the planning office of ***** (my husband's workplace). The daring rescue was pulled off by an intrepid member of the *** maintenance crew who first determined the trapped bird's exact location and then removed a set of wall outlets. This created a hole that was just big enough to pull the tired bird out of the wall.

The bird, once in the hands of the maintenance person, was gratefull to be pulled from it's dark, cramped trap. It is currently "trying to get it's bearings" in the breezeway of ***. It's progress will be monitered by the planners until it is strong enough to fly off to it's normal life.

The planning department is now relieved to not have to listen to the bird flapping within the wall, as it slowly starved to death.

Also yesterday, I found the second dead animal this year (a young bird) in my backyard. We are thinking about keeping a body count tally, as we have found at least two dead possums and various birds within the last four years...We didn't know we lived on an animal burial ground.


chill24 said...

so - this made the national news? cool.

Kim from Kansas said...

No...He sent it to me as a joke. I thought it was good writing, though..ha,ha.

chill24 said...

i'll stinking fall for anything! i'm soooo sure.
don't tell anyone - k?

chief320 said...

too late ;) If you fall for the redecoration of Kelly's bathroom, you will definitely fall for this.

carahinojosa said...

I fell for it, too, Chill. So don't feel bad. ;)