Tuesday, May 08, 2007


What did we do on Sunday in Kansas? Watched the weather...It was exciting at first, but after the third thunderstorm bout came through it felt like "old hat". There was a tornado warning in my county, of course, but it dissolved by the time the system got here.

What's my relationship to Greensburg, the town that got hit? It's about 100 miles away. I did visit the World's Largest Hand-dug Well there about 13 years ago...I'm sure it's much more interesting than visiting the World's Largest Ball of Twine which is also in Kansas which I haven't seen yet. I know a couple people who have family in Greensburg that survived.

There are more thunderstorms predicted through Friday and some of the state is already having problems with flooding. So we have enough rain for now and are a little tired of it.


carahinojosa said...

I was wondering about y'all this weekend with all the tornadoes in your area. Glad everyone's ok. The pics of the clouds are great. My husband is a weather nut and loves taking pics of violent weather.

Anonymous said...

we travel(ed) through greensburg everytime we visit paul's family in texas. can't imagine what it must look like now. there were hundreds of metal sculptures along the road that a local artist used as his voice. I hope they're still there, I have a sinking feeling they're blown away somewhere.