Friday, May 11, 2007


Baby Moon miniature daffodils (Yes, they are blooming now since I didn't get them in the ground until January 28th.)

This is what I ended up doing to the closed form. The glazing isn't very good on it because I got the glaze and covercoat mixed up and it had to be fired three times instead of twice...Also it doesn't fit together well...It was a learning experience of what not to do next time.

Wondering if you're humming that Coldplay song or that Beatles submarine song now... How about that polka-dot bikini song?


Darla said...

"look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and everything you do,
yeah they were all yellow...."

why, yes, i am! :-)

i am LOVING YELLOW these days! loving it. i have never been a yellow-y type person. i bought a dress the other day from goodwill -BIG YELLOW FLOWERS on it! it is sick!! (sick in the good sense!)

anyway.... thanks for the beautiful photos... loving your pottery as usual. this one almost looks like a broken egg shell to me! :-) so cute. what will you put in it??

Kim from Kansas said...

You're welcome! Don't know what I'll put in it...candy or jewelry maybe?


Hey Kim,

The quarter in the flower pictures makes me think that the pottery piece is tiny? Is this just a mind trick? I think it is adorable and I am hoping it IS small. I love how there is a darker rim of color under the dark brown - fading into the yellow. Is that what you mean about the color overlapping? If so, I like it!! Great job as usual, I am a Kim from Kansas pottery fan!

Kim from Kansas said...

Thanks, Candace! The piece is about 3-1/2 inches tall. I did intend to have a darker rim around the dark brown. Before it goes into the kiln the first time, it's called greenware. After the first firing, it's called bisqueware...Well, I put on this covercoat (which I got mixed up with low-fire glaze) that is supposed to go on while it's greenware, and the colors were all mute and dull. So I needed to put on a clear glaze and fire it for a third time. Does that make sense?

Melanie-Pearl said...

where are the bitty daffodils!?! how cute!