Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have a new favorite word and favorite technique--SGRAFFITO. It just sounds cool, doesn't it? After the piece is trimmed, the slip (or paint in layman's terms) is put on. Then a design is scratched on, showing the original color. Then it goes through one firing, and then a glaze is placed on top of that (I will use clear glaze). After it is fired one last time, it will be finished.

I finally tried some different clay...The bad part about using this red clay is that it stains light-colored fabric and your hands--looks like a
self-tanning incident gone bad.


Melanie-Pearl said...

ohmigosh, that reminds me of the time Chloe decided to put some lotion on her dry hands and feet. she accidentally got my self tanner. it was hilarious!!! fortunately she has a pretty good sense of humor, b/c she had to go to school like that!

Hannita said...

Those look awesome Kim. Someday I'll do pottery...

chill24 said...

kim - those are so beautiful! you have such a gift you guardian you!!

Marci M. said...

Beautiful pottery, Kim! Great work.

Brett E. Spore said...


I was googling "sgraffito" and came across your page. I love that another Christian is pursuing her passions!

I have taken one quarter of ceramics at a local arts center, and I am hooked. I was thinking of playing with sgraffito, and now you have pushed me over the edge.

If you so choose, check out my blog

Seeking His Face,
Brett Elizabeth