Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures of spring

Have been practicing with the tripod and my macro lens lately. This first picture has my grandma's china in it. I think it's so pretty.

My birthday flowers are still looking good--the Peruvian lilies. Also picked some flowers from my yard--daffodils and muscari or grape hyacinths.

And here are the miniature daffodils.

Then I had to look up again how to do this feathering technique (the black foggish look) that I just learned a month ago . We had four rabbits in our backyard the other morning.

It sure felt like spring until the freezing rain came.


Anonymous said...

Grandma's dishes look so pretty in your pictures. I wish I could see your backyard now. We're having rain/snow/floods here in North Dakota. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are very nice and you are doing just fine with them. Like I said before, just keep working at it, you're getting it!

Love you!

chill24 said...

Ah, this just shows why the cards we found are perfect for you! Flowers always make me think of you.

Jason R said...

Hey, these pictures are great, as usual, but I was looking forward to a Beanboozled update.