Friday, March 13, 2009

Garden show 2009

Here are some pictures from the garden show last week. The first picture shows what it would look like if the trees were upside-down.

Some things I learned this year from a pest control company booth:

--Termites are white.
--A Brown Recluse Spider can go months without eating and prefers dead insects.
--Brown Recluse Spiders are commonly found in the sink or bathtub because they can't grab smooth surfaces to get out.
--Brown Recluse Spiders do make webs, for nesting and not for catching prey.

I also bought this book about birds. The authors were there to autograph copies.

You could get your teeth whitened! How weird is that?

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Anonymous said...

Auch, I hate brown recluse spiders. I didn't like the looks of them even before I knew what they were. That explains why I do find so many of them in the kitchen sink, or the basement bathroom's tub!

I want my teeth whitened now.

Love ya-