Friday, March 06, 2009

Best pics from yesterday

Here's a peek at some photos from my road trip to Gypsum Hills.


Hannita said...

Yay for cows. I have no idea why we like them so much but we do. My cousins (who actually raise cows) were one of my stops on my recent trip and we went out and visited the bovines before I headed out. But I joked that I'm such a typical city person, coming to take pictures of their cows.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! Those are both good. I like the three-headed cow effect in the first one (how did you get them to stand that way?) and the water in the bottom photo leads you into the picture.

Well done Kimmie!

Love you

Anonymous said...

hey kimmie----you cause me to have such memories--espcially the one with the water. did you know, the neighbors when i was growning up, named a cow after my mother?
have you thought about the flint hills? or have you done that?
i love you
kansas mom