Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mini chimeneas, orb, and mugs

I forgot how big a tealight candle is, and had to squish the candle in one of them. Oops. Clay shrinks 11-14% when from start to finish, so I did take that into account. There are a couple more of these chimeneas (or should I say chimenei) to come and hopefully I made the openings big enough. I still think they're cute and love the SB Red clay when it's high-fired without any glaze on it.

Then this round orb thing was going to be a salt pig, but it dried too fast. I didn't want to throw it away, so carved holes in it, thinking maybe it could be some type of frog for fake flowers? One lady in pottery class said I could use it as an incense holder, but because of allergies I tend to stay away from smelly stuff. Any ideas other than a paper weight? Would anyone be able to use it somehow (Hopefully locally, since shipping pottery is pricey now days)?

The next four mugs were glazed with Coyote glazes. The Expresso Bean was an alternate I picked out for the communion set.

This set of six were thrown using one pound of clay each, dried with a fan, trimmed and handled all in one day (5-1/2 hours). This is a big accomplishment since one usually has to wait until the clay gets to the leather-hard stage (one day) for one to be able to trim a foot on the bottom.


Anonymous said...

I love the mini-chiminey's! Those are very cool. I also love that blue color you used on those cups- I think I've said that before.

They all look very nice. It's great how you can get so many cups to turn out very similarly when you want them to.

Which lens did you use to shoot these?

Love you,

Jason R said...

I'm a big fan of the mini-chimi's too. And are any of the 'alien salt pigs' still available?

Kim from Kansas said...

Heck yeah they are. Are you guys coming to church this week?