Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tumblers and jar

I like the shapes of these tumblers, but they don't stack very well. I was thinking of water glasses when I made them. The great thing about them is that I threw them and trimmed them in one sitting. Because they were so small, I could dry them with a fan and then trim the bottoms.

Usually one has to wait until next class to trim, then wait until they are bone-dry and smooth the rough edges (depends on the humidity but sometimes takes a few days), then wait until they come out of the bisque fire, then glaze them, then wait for them to come out of the kiln...And that's it!

Am not excited about this jar and I think I know why...While I was trimming the lid it flew off the wheel and onto the floor (the clay keys weren't on good enough or something). That's why the handle isn't parallel. Remember, there are over 300 ways to ruin a pot, and that's one of them. Sometimes they turn into happy new techniques but not this time!

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GoteeMan said...

LOVING the brown ones at the top...

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