Friday, October 10, 2008

Multicolored sgraffito bowl

If you received a homemade card from me within the last few years, the chances are very good that it was distressed. That was my favorite technique when rubber-stamping. What is this distressing technique? It's either rubbing off the edges or adding ink to make it look old or worn...antique-like. Well, I kind of combined my favorite technique from pottery (sgraffito) and my favorite technique from paper arts (distressing) on this bowl. Even though it has shiny glaze, I rubbed off the black slip on the edges to give it some more character.


GoteeMan said...

Kim - I completely love this one... it's awesome!

J/ (

Anonymous said...

That looks really sharp hon, good work on those! I like the combination of the two techniques. Keep up with it!


Anonymous said...

love those ones.Really neat
You are so talented.