Monday, October 27, 2008

Jenny's taggy fun

Here are my answers to Mama Jenny's blog tag thingy.

I am - for some reason afraid that I will share too much on my blog.
I want - to live in the moment.
I have - trouble making little decisions lately and think that's why I don't enjoy organizing things.
I wish - I wasn't so tired in the mornings and that I had more energy.
I hate - seeing people pick their nose or not washing their hands after going to the restroom.
I fear - germs for some weird reason, not getting sick, but the germs themselves...and also boogers.
I hear - voices in my head with different ideas pinging around like pinballs and wish I could make them stop sometimes.
I search - for God and meaning in the "daily grind" of life.
I wonder - if God has nipples and other things "normal people" don't wonder.
I always - feel like I'm the weirdest one in the room.
I usually - exercise and then eat more calories so that I never lose weight.
I am not - a night owl, but if i arise early I want a nap.
I dance - when I'm alone or with my husband and dog.
I sing - songs to my dog when no one's around.
I never - pick my nose!!!
I rarely - feel sexy.
I cry - only at real-life stories and usually not when watching movies.
I am not always - this insecure about myself.
I lose - things in my purse.
I'm confused - when it comes to space and the "bigness" of it.
I need - more sleep than other people, but then I also need to stop comparing myself to others.
I should - quit comparing myself to others.
I dream - of traveling and making a difference in the world (for the better, of course).


Anonymous said...

let me think you might have shared too much with this post :). i loved reading it, kim! i love your uniqueness.

Jenny said...

This was fun to read! Thank you for sharing with us. My favorites were your "I always" and your "I rarely" - they made me laugh. :-)

GoteeMan said...

You go, girl... great post...

Hope you have a wonderful day!

J/ (