Sunday, October 05, 2008

Still enjoying those mums...

Thanks again, Pearly Girl!

Note to self: Please remember to not buy one of those cheapy coiling garden hose/sprayer combination thingies next spring because they don't even last the whole garden season before the sprayer breaks and it's totally useless because another want can't be screwed on and the whole thing has to be thrown away as one unit which is a waste of money and waste of environmental resources, etc, and then you will have to either get the old garden hose out or fill the water jug in order to water all the patio plants and herbs. Thank you "self" in advance for remembering this next spring.

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Melanie-Pearl said...

i didn't think a garden fairy like you even needed a hose---you amaze me again!

(ps)sorry i was such a downer yesterday. who'd think you'd be keeping me up these days? i'm working on an attitude adjustment today. my DH informed me that my defeatist attitude is not becoming. just so tired.