Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why I'm not at all ready for selling my pottery

On picture #1, the glaze turned out fine, but there's a significant problem...a pinhole in the bottom so it won't hold water. Might make a nice pencil holder. On picture #2, I had to learn that when I low-fire that particular clay it doesn't come out as dark as when it is high-fired. This is all the same color of clay, so I'm still experimenting. On picture #3, the mug does hold water. My husband claimed that one for himself.

Anyways, this hobby is all a big experiment and learning experience for right now. I'm still loving it! I just might sell to Calana, but for very low prices...


chill24 said...

sold!! everybody uses pencils - hence - we need pencil holders!
love all of them.
you have a great creative side - your pots have a beautiful unique character.

Karmen Lewis said...

love that little blue mug on the bottom!

chill24 said...

kim - i was going to talk to you at church tonight about your pottery and i forgot once i asked your hubby about military food.
wish my mind could handle more than one thought at a time! still like the "flower" pots! :)

Gracie said...

Thanks for coming my blog =) Your pottery is great. I like your style.

Melanie-Pearl said...

last night cody told R that half of the photos i took were for "Kim will love this" reasons. one of the pots i specifically photographed at the Forbidden City just for this reason:

the pot sits under state protected glass a few hundred years later...and the glaze is still dripping off and all uneven...AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

(to me, as always, imperfection is more beautiful and more memorable than any perfectly manufactured pot.)

i'm seriously going to pray that you can see your stuff through the eyes of your friends...because we are ready to buy it even if you're not ready to sell it!

GoteeMan said...

very cool. wish I had that kind of talent!