Tuesday, October 02, 2007


There is a contemplative
in all of us,
almost strangled
but still alive,
who craves quiet
enjoyment of the Now,
and longs to touch
the seamless
garment of silence which makes whole.
Alan P. Tory

Got this quote from here.


Anonymous said...

i saw no comments and thought i should. i am surprised aunt janice has not said anything yet. the butterflies are just beautiful. i blew it up and thought it would walk off the page. we have talked about how your photography is getting better all the time. i like you pottery too. love you, the other mom!

Karmen Lewis said...

Love that quote!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy-
After seeing the comment by your other Mom(my sister) I had to say something. Your pictures are great. As she said, your photos have improved. I enjoy pulling up your blog and seeing what's going on in your and Rob's life.
If I don't see you before-see you on Thanksgiving.
Aunt Jan