Friday, October 12, 2007


Did you know that clay shrinks at least 11% by the time a pot is glazed and finished? I did. Was expecting these to come out bigger. One of these days I'm going to buy one of those rulers that has the shrinkage percentage marked on it.

The form of a pot is its spiritual substance. Its outline, its proportions, the finger marks impressed on its wall, are the simple statement of its creator, spontaneous and personal as his handwriting. The same pot does not happen twice. --Otto Natzler


carahinojosa said...

Shrinkage? Makes me think of a certain Seinfeld episode.

...I WAS IN THE POOL!!!...

chill24 said...

carahinojosa - you made me laugh!
kim - those pots are beautiful. i really love the ones with flowers. i'm serious about you selling those. you have such a talent!
the quote is thought provoking - us as the pots comes to mind.

Karmen Lewis said...

loved that seinfeld!

seriously, what do you do with all of your creations?
give them away?, sell them?, or do you decorate with them?

Kim from Kansas said...

Hey gals! Thanks for the comments! Yes, I have seen that Seinfeld episode!

What do I do with my pots? I'm hoarding them until Christmas for now. I have some setting around and have put some in my china cabinet.

My husband even noticed I haven't updated my blog in awhile, so promise I will tomorrow.