Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday spiritual seconds

Karmen talked about contemplative prayer on her blog the other day which got me to thinking about a prayer retreat I went to a couple of years ago. Artistic prayer was brought up. The picture is what I did with crayons while meditating on scripture. It's a different form but related to Praying in Color (check out this book if you haven't already). We also were able to do fingerpainting.

The following is the Circle or Caim prayer from St. Patrick. It was recited aloud, generally each morning before facing the day, while drawing a circle in the air by slowly spinning from east to west.

The Mighty Three,
My protection be,
Encircling me,
O Sacred Three,
The Mighty Three.

1. Consider what you want to seek from God. Do you need courage, protection, health? What do you want God to do within the circle, and what is it that you want God to keep outside the circle?

2. When you have an idea about what you're praying, begin by standing and closing your eyes in order to center yourself. Listen to your breathing.

3. Raise your arms shoulder height, and with your index finger point either toward heaven or earth.

4. Pray a caim of your choosing as you slowly draw a circle of God's protection around you.

5. See in your mind's eye the boundary of the circle being drawn and God's protection being given.

6. You may also pray a caim for someone else. Instead of drawing a circle around yourself, imagine yourself drawing around the person you are praying for.

p.s. Good job, Chloe, on wrapping me up as a mummy last night!


Karmen Lewis said...

I have to know more about the prayer retreat that you went to. Sounds interesting.

Jackie,North Dakota Sister said...

When I pray for things like moms health. I make my request with a closed fist and slowly open my hand, and say "But God what ever be your will." This helps me know it's gotta be Gods will and her life is in his hands.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm prayer...I'm getting ready to buy the book praying in color. Also about prayer request-pray that my revival not just be emotional...but that I become transform in my heart, in my home, in my church, and in my world.

Blessings & Shalom ~ Qp