Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Have been in a vase phase lately, even though I need to finish the class project (which is a very tall, slender pitcher) and have been asked to do a communion set months ago. Think I'm stuck on how to design it because I want it to be the best I've ever done/stunning, etc. Am still mulling that over in my head. Guess I just answered Jason's question about taking custom orders and am not disciplined enough and confident enough yet, but thanks for asking!

Also haven't felt like blogging much lately. Have been keeping up with friends on facebook, though. So if you have an account, go look me up.

p.s. Here's a new word I learned today: Turgid: Swollen. Syn: Tumid. I suggest you use it in a sentence today.

p.p.s. Worked on the class project last night and measured it--18-1/2 inches. We'll see how much it shrinks when it dries.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim!
My name is Aimee, I met you at Kay Wiggins with Calana's group that made bracelets. I was looking at some of your creations and you have several beautiful pieces! Congrats on the successful pottery-I would love to get involved in doing so someday. Until then, do you ever sell any of your pieces? My email is

Brett Elizabeth Spore said...

Great to see you not fighting it too much. It seems to me that God puts a desire in us to build something, and we need to follow it. I too am avoiding "custom orders." It is simply too hard to direct your creative energy into something that is dictated. Keep your chin up and don't worry about it. The communion set will come together in God's timing, and He'll give you some inspiration that will make them better than if you had forced the issue and worked on them now when you are feeling like you want to do vases.
P.S. Great pics of a beautiful piece!