Friday, March 14, 2008

Garden show 2008

Went to the garden show last week. It was smaller than last year, which I was expecting, but still lived up to my expectations. It's so fun to walk through gardens with life-size trees and boulders and still being indoors.

Finally got to see Paul James "The Gardener Guy" from "Gardening By the Yard". He commented that our show had more "garden" in it than the Philadelphia show. Oh yeah, and he sang for the first time during a Q&A and did pretty well. He says that he gets mistaken for the guy on "This Old House" a lot. He's featured in this blog post if anyone's interested.

Didn't take any good pictures of the big gardens, but have some of the flower arranging show and art show above. I usually go on the first day of the show, but now have learned that it's fun to go after the judging to see what the judges think. There are categories such as miniature, paintings with matching floral decorations, and table settings. Then it's fun to oogle at the houseplant or cactus exhibitions and either "ooh" or say "that thing earned a ribbon?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim --
Uncle Bob and I missed the garden show this year. It's one of my favorite things to attend. I can hardly wait to plant something--I really like to dig in the dirt.
I'll just have to enjoy the pics that are here on your blog.
Love ya,
Aunt Jan

matches said...

thanks for the review! i'm always curious as to what it's all about..