Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March blessings

What are my March blessings?

"Smell his tummy", said Ethan as people approached for Easter brunch and as he held up his blueberry-scented bear. (Will maybe try to get his daddy to be a guest blogger one day and tell about his bike-motor vehicle fiasco.)

Am very impressed with Hannita's stitchery, as the front looks just like the backside!

Other blessings include:
-Storebought and homemade cards and gifts
-Neighborhood girls on spring break who rang my doorbell to borrow an egg and came back with blueberry muffins!
-Blooming bulbs
-Well wishes from good friends and family

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1 comment:

chill24 said...

smelled the bear belly too!!
loved your whole post from book to art!