Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday spiritual seconds part II

Today I'm thankful for answered prayers...I guess I mean answered prayers in which I am grateful for the outcomes. I can specifically think of two. I loved clay and was very frustrated last year at how hard throwing was and having to relearn it on an electric wheel (with the wheel going the different way)...but I kept with it and now am excited that I am able to make some of the things I dreamed about making.

I'm also very thankful for my friends. I prayed for good neighbors and new friends and feel my new friends are more wonderful than I could've even imagined! Yes, if you're reading this I mean YOU!!! (Well, unless I don't know you and you're a stalker or something.)And if you're not reading this, it's okay...I know you have a busy life.

I've heard people making a prayer journal before and writing down their requests and how God answered them...It sounds like a good idea. I just might get around to it some day.

What prayers have been answered with unexpected outcomes in your life lately? What are you praying for? May I pray for them with you?


Sister,Jackie said...

Our Mom that is dealing with cancer was very weak all week. Saturday just sitting up on the couch was a accomplishment.I asked, How don't you feel good and got "I don't know." I prayed for a better day for her.Sunday she went to church, ate at a resaruant,and went to the Heritage Center. This was her best day in about 2 weeks.
I pray God will bless my sister and see he has been. And I'm so thankful I got to see you this summer.

Karmen Lewis said...

I have answered prayers that may not seem like that big of a deal or very meaningful if I shared. But they were absolutely meaningful to me and pretty specific to my/our needs.

I'm always praying that I will know God's love for me and that I may know Him better and love Him more.

frenchgirl said...

I am reading...I loved hearing about your answered prayers.

chill24 said...

you're a great friend to have. glad you're seeing answers to prayer.

Hammy said...

Dear Kim, i'm not religious but i also believe in the power of prayers and i always try to remind myself to keep a look out for miracles in our everyday lives. Thanks for visiting my blog too and its great seeing your pottery work!