Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jesus is my action figure....I mean savior

-This colorful and richly detailed talking figure brings the New Testament to life with a Jesus character that kids can play with and move
- God’s only son, Jesus helped people by teaching them God’s lessons, healing them and performing miracles
- The Biblical character comes with a vibrant mini storybook that kids may follow and use to recreate the tales
- A delightful "action figure" and fully interactive way for children to learn and participate in religious education
- For ages 3 yrs. and up
- Batteries Included

There He was in the toy section of my local department store...The Son of God, Immanuel, King of kings, the Messiah....Wait, there's a whole shelf of Him!!!

p.s. Click on this link to buy your own personal savior.


Jason R said...

Whoa! It's Surfer Jesus! I wonder if they gave Him kung fu healing-hand action?

Kim from Kansas said...

Oh Jason...that's why we call you Funnyman! Glad someone else could see humor in this ;o)