Friday, July 27, 2007

Will be hitching a ride with my bro' and his fam' to visit my mum up in NoDak for awhile. So, needless to say, my house will be occupied in case you're planning on breaking in. I have a ferocious dog and mean husband that are staying behind, just kidding about the ferocious and mean part. I might blog, I might not. I'm planning on learning what's cool to my teenage nephews and maybe will blog about that.

May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your,la,la, la, laaaa (I don't know how to make a musical note symbol, please imagine one here and please ignore if you don't know this song).


Melanie-Pearl said...

thanks for the Irish blessing. i'll miss you...we're gonna be pretty far apart for awhile! you will be in my prayers daily, though. love you, mel

Hannita said...

i hope your travels go well.
and that rose photo is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

We just got back from K.C. for the weekend and had a good time! Hope things are well in Dakota,and the temps aren't to hot..Talked to my mom last night in Harvey area and it was to warm for her and dad.. fill us in on your banter with the kids!
Fun to hear what sails through their minds! You and the family are in our prayers. And yes I agree the rose picture is Beau..ti ful! Cindy

Anne said...

Oh, how I love that photo of the just filled me with such joy!