Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Missing summer camp?

On Saturday, I just couldn't make anything I was happy with on the potter's wheel, so I made a slab wall pocket that looked like the work of an average 8-year-old. So then yesterday I bought some hemp cord for a clay project and had the hankering to make an anklet or bracelet. I got some pony beads out from my stash of craft supplies and made the anklet above.

Guess I kind of miss not going to summer camp, or at least the arts and crafts part of it.


handling olympus said...

i need a new and cool man bracelet. got anything for me, craftgirl? i wear a two strand leather one to work. it is my personal reminder to continue to have courage to have the tough conversations with people when i need to. to not let things slide that i feel are important as a leader and a manager. it's wearing out.

Kim from Kansas said...

I'll need to get back to you about the bracelet-making, as I am now getting ready to go out of town for two weeks. Thanks for the offer.

Regarding leadership, have you ever read the book "Running with the Giants" by John Maxwell? It's pretty good. I'm not in a leadership role, just read the book.