Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last books I read

What do the last two books I've read have in common? They make me thankful that I have enough money to buy soap. Yes, I said soap.

"Lucky Child" is a sequel to "First They Killed My Father" which I read a couple years ago. I didn't know she wrote a sequel until about a month ago. Here is the author's website. I could write all about it, but as you have guessed I don't like writing much and you can just go to her website and read it first hand.

Here's the website for "Under the Overpass".

I highly recommend both books! Thanks,MDWINN, for recommending the second one!


Darla said...

ooohh... i'm going to have to read that one, lucky child... i've never even heard of it. i know michael LOVED the other one. i didn't even have to read it. he told me ALL about it! ;-)

chill24 said...

kim - i'm actually commenting on your comment on my blog. funny thing, paul had me read his post before publishing it so i added my own little "flavor" to the category section. i thought he would catch it before posting - i was wrong. i don't think he noticed 'til it had been out there awhile. :) thanks for for being so observant!

jackie said...

I read Under The Over Pass.It was very good. Isent it to Iraq for the soldiers to pass around.Our nephew is there.I'll try to read the other one. thanks for letting me know of good books. Itrust your judgement