Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Taggy info from Pina Calana

Chill24 tagged me. Here's my list of 7 habits or facts.

1. This is my first time participating in a blog tag thingy.

2. I sometimes take advantage of my high voice on the phone when organizations call for donations. Just last week someone called and asked if my mommy or daddy was home. I said no...just no, nothing else. They promptly said they would call back later and hung up.

3. I don't enjoy organizing and finally came to the conclusion that maybe I shouldn't have hobbies that require extensive organization, i.e. altered books, collage.

4. I hate writing and it takes me HOURS to write a letter. In fact, this is taking a long time. Hence, I'm not into instant messaging.

5. I'm realizing I only like books and movies with violence if they are based on a true story. Yes, I did love Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was growing up. My husband says I only like nicey-nice movies.

6. I also love to travel and miss that. We would go on lots of vacations when I was growing up.

7. I wash my hands all the time and am a little germophobic when it comes to some things such as nose-picking.

There; that's seven. Please play along and list seven things (habits or facts or whatever) on your blog or the comment section.

p.s. Now that I'm done, I can think of a lot more things to put down...I'm sure my husband can also think of some of my habits that bug him. Too late, I'm only listing seven.


Anonymous said...

#2 made me laugh! And sister I'm glad we haven't been asked to organize anything together! I love to collage! Let's talk about this cuz I have an idea. And yes lets go traveling too!! Queeniepoo

chill24 said...

maybe we should ask your hubby to list 7 more things - you're interesting!!

chief320 said...

Ok - here is the new challenge. Let's list 7 things that we know about those who wrote their own 7. Do this in the comment section on that other person's own 7 list. Let's see how well we know each other.