Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some facts about my mom

My mom didn't learn to swim until she was 55. Now she loves water aerobics. We teased that when she beats this cancer she can be a spokesperson for pancreatic cancer and hold a water aerobics tournament to raise money like Lance Armstrong.

My mom just learned how to use a computer when she was 71 (last Christmas). Does she look 72 to you?

My mom had melanoma 41 years ago and survived beforn I was born.

She loves children more than anyone else I know.


Darla said...

your mom is lovely, kim.... am praying for your family...

Minty said...

Your mother looks young and beautiful, Kim. She's very lucky to have a daughter who loves her so much.

Anonymous said...

You look very much like her... as it should be.
Aunt Jan

Melanie-Pearl said...

I really like your mom. I felt like family the second we met. Maybe it has something to do with that ND accent and the words to back it. Didn't we Talk, talk, talk?

Keep talking,'s fun to know the random stuff, too.

molly jean said...

Kim, Your mother is beautiful. I am praying for her. You have wonderful family!
I love your flower photos on flicker especially the crocus. Molly