Thursday, January 11, 2007

Operation La Bamba

In our family, when someone gets married we not only decorate their car, but my brother Clark hooks up a horn on the outside of the car so it will beep every couple minutes when the newlyweds are in traffic. This particular horn played La Bamba. If he ever gets married, we'll probably have to hire someone to hook up his horn.

Another tradition in our family is stealing the bride during the reception. My brothers took me to play miniature golf in my wedding dress. My niece Amy went to Wal-Mart. They were going to take Salena to Chuck-E-Cheese, but it was closed already.


The Oldest Sister said...

Your brother is weird! But we love him. I really love your blog, especially the picture of the youngest in the family dancing on the table. How come Jackie signed"not the oldest sister"? I'm not that much older.
Love You,

Kim from Kansas said...

Yes, Marcia. You may be older, but you're not old yet! We'll tell you when you are. Love you, too!