Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Books of 2006

After commenting at Tangence and then seeing Bittersweetblue, I decided to pose a question. Please respond.

What books did you read in 2006? Did you like them?

Do you like Grapes of Wrath? I read it and thought the end was just too weird and got tired of the slang. I told you I was weird.

Then I tried "Wicked", the one related to the Wizard of Oz, and couldn't finish it. It was too weird for me. They may like it on Broadway, but I don't.

"A Prayer for Owen Meany" was slow at first, but then got better.

Sorry, Minty! I have a habit of publishing my posts just to see what they look like. I changed the question to what books you've read.


Anonymous said...

Best books published in 2006 or best books read in 2006? I honestly don't know if I read ONE NOVEL published in 2006? I read a lot of literary reviews and some very cool collections, but no novels from that year.

Anonymous said...

Okay, then. Here goes:

1. Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

2. 1984 (I read this twice yearly)

3. The 3 A.M. Epiphany

4. The Midnight Disease

5. Oblivion

Right now I am reading Iceberg Slim's Pimp: The Story of My Life and parts of New Sudden Fiction both of which are amazing.

Kim from Kansas said...

Oh, I almost forgot. I read "Stiff" which was very informative!

Darla said...

books in 2006... yes. i've read a few. trying to think of the ones that REALLY stuck out. i mostly got bored reading the same stuff about emerging churches... blah, blah, blah.... i mean, i liked some of it - but then it all kind of blends together. out of all of them, the shaping of things to come really sticks out. oh, and i guess eat this book by eugene peterson. amazing book...

i tried the owen meany book too - not in 2006, but after i had seen the movie, what's it called? i don't remember the title, but i loved the movie.

i WANT to read christ the lord by anne rice. i saw you mention that somewhere else (maybe in one of the other links you linked up, which by the way, looking good!) you have mastered the link! my husband has read it and loved it. we actually used to read all of anne rice's stuff when we were dating and first got married.

of course i liked donald miller's stuff too, oh, and anne lamott... but after a while it all blends together too.

i think i need some fresh stuff - maybe i'll try some of the stuff minty suggested! :-)