Saturday, October 07, 2006


So it's been a month since I've been taking a pottery class and only have the three ugly pots on the right on the firing shelf so far...BUT, I'm trying really hard to learn the technique and not thinking about how many pots I create...Lord knows my mom has enough of them from the first time I did "Ceramics" in junior college.

My teacher, Gracie, has a wonderful attitude about the ugly pots and says we need to think of them as our children and our creations. So, I'm trying to adapt that mentality.

All that aside, I'm really excited to get back to the clay!!! I used the excuse every time the park board flyer came around that either I didn't have enough money or had higher priorities...This time I'm making it a priority. Some of it is coming back--like riding a bike, but then again it was 12 years ago and I used a kick wheel back then. So after the first couple of classes of having the wheel turning a different way from what I'm used to and realizing that I throw left-handed, it's a lot better.

Will be posting pictures of some of my pots as I promised my sister, Jackie. Maybe my mom will finally get rid of my "paperweights" that I made 12 years ago if I give her some current ones. She just loves them...Talk about unconditional love of a mother. We all need that once in awhile.

Yes, I'm getting the spiritual euphanism (is that the word I want?) of "I am the potter and you are the clay" and all clay is beautiful in its own right and that should love my own creations like all of humankind.

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