Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flutterbys and class project

Here are some photos from the butterfly house at our local public garden.

Is there a tail missing on that Giant Swallowtail? Is that part called a tail?

I'm guessing one of these Queen butterflies is a male. Hmm, a male Queen?

A small vase...

And below is my version of the class project for the session that just ended. We were to alter the lower part by scoring it and manipulating the clay with our fingers, superballs, whatever would work to push it out. The clay had to be just the right consistency in order to do so. Sometimes it required rewetting or use of a wet sponge. The instructor said he wanted it to be fluid-looking like, well actually like rolls of fat.

The funny thing is, the skinny people didn't quite get the look that he was wanting. I, on the other hand, was able to get closer to the look he wanted. Who would've guessed?


Melanie-Pearl said...

nice and phat!

Hannita said...

I like the butterfly pictures. And the wee vases, especially the last one. =)

Anonymous said...

Wee little vases, aye, I like that!

I wonder if that missing tail piece makes the butterfly fly around even more crazily than they already do!

And by the way, you are not fat. Just that vase.

Love you,


Anonymous said...

you made me laugh. about the vase. and robert is right. you are not fat.
the butterflies are awesome--as rory would say
love you