Sunday, August 16, 2009

An hour in Lindsborg

Last Saturday, I was in the area of Lindsborg and got to walk downtown. Lindsborg is a Swedish community in Kansas. I went in the Small World Gallery and met a National Geographic photographer whose wife designs jewelry. Then I went into Courtyard Gallery and saw some pieces from my favorite potter who comes to the Wichita Garden Show, Carol Long. It's amazing what she does with slip (liquid clay)!

Yes, that's "Salvador Dala" in the picture up there.


Anonymous said...

"Salvador Dala"... is that a pun?! Aren't those horses called Dala (Dalla?) horses?

What's that Kasporov place again?

Love you,


Kim from Kansas said...

Yes, those horses are called Dalas. The Kasporov place is the International School of Chess!!! In little old Kansas!

Anonymous said...

This is a great place to visit! I've been there several times.
Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

i guess i am the only one not to have been to this neat little community. becky even stopped in on the bak.
i love you